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Abileco International began crane export and resale activities both domestically and overseas by exporting a 160 ton truck crane to Changchun, Jilin Province  (China). So far, we have gained credibility from customers all over the world through sales of more than 1,000 cranes. Our ability to buy and sell cranes from an end user perspective, which is also one of our strengths, is based on the business experience of Daikyo Kenki, a fellow group company.
Since we have more than 20 years of experience in this industry, please leave it to us to also handle complicated procedures including contract work procedures and import/export procedures. We have conducted business with various countries including countries in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, and Africa.
In 2019, we started a guidance business for specially permitted commercial vehicles as a new business. In addition to escort specially permitted commercial vehicles for Daikyo Kenki, we can also provide escort for your specially permitted commercial vehicles when they are moved using public roads to get them safely to their destination while protecting other vehicles and pedestrians.

Trading partners

China, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) · Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Phelipine

Trading partner

The flowchart of our trading overseas

The flowchart of our trading overseas

Inspect thoroughly before delivery

We make sure that every sold cranes are not further damaged or not having any serious defect or loss after our clients’ inspections. Thorough the full inspections done by using our checklists, we are not just supplying our cranes to our clients, but are also providing assurance and trustworthiness to them.


Wish for safety

We treat every sold cranes with cares and loves.
We pray for next users' safety in new environments with Sacred Sake.



After the ceremony, clients are driving off.


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